About the team / Credits of the film

About the team

Yolanda Rienderhoff

Documentary editor, farmer and baker, Bike Activists,

 Pedro Bruno Carreira

Composer and music producer.


Musician, composer and jewelery maker

Miguel Marques short biography

Directed three cinematic experimental films where fantasy, fiction and documentary define: the dramaturgical action, the characters and the narrative. In more recent works, he tried to equate the experience of man in society: Possibilities of loving experience (Why Clara falls in love?); man and technology, serve or submit? (Great Expectations), film-making and autobiography (Betrayed Women), in this last one, fiction and its contradictions function as mechanisms to access to the knowledge of the real. His last film “Pots, Pans and Other Solutions” is a reflection on democracy and participation in a big laboratory for democracy called Iceland.

Born in Lisbon in 1970 and living in Porto since 2003.


2012, Pots, Pans and Other Solutions, Documentary for Internet. It can be seen in https://potspansdocumentary.wordpress.com/

2007, Mulheres Traídas /Betrayed Women, 54′, Documentary, Videamos.

2006, Great Expectations, 74′, Documentary, Cineclube de Avanca.

2005, Porque é que Clara se Apaixona? / Why Clara falls in love?, 59′, Documentary/Fiction, Cineclube de Avanca.

2003, Rupture/Rupture, 53′, Documentary/Fiction, self produced.

2000, Vareiros, 12’, DocuDocumentary, self produced.

1999, Refugos, 73’, Ficção/ Fiction [inédito], self produced.


2008, Mulheres Traídas /Betrayed Women. Best Documentary in Caminhos do Cinema Portugês 2008.

2005, Porque é que Clara se Apaixona? / Why Clara falls in love? Best Editing, PRÉMIO AVANCA 2005.

2003, Ruptura/Rupture, Special Mention (Feature Film), AVANCA 2003.


Credits / Pots Pans and Other Solutions

a film by

Miguel Marques


Sturla Jonsson

Ex-Owner of a Bankrupt Transport Company

Ex-proprietário de uma companhia de Transportes

Hordur Torfason

Gay, Activist, Singer, Songwriter, Poet.

Gay, Activista, Cantor e Poeta.

Jon Thor Olafsson

 Member of the Movement and the Citizens’ Movement Author of the book The Game of Politics

Membro do Movimento e autor do livro O Jogo da Política

Cilla Ragnarsdóttir

Member of the Movement and the Citizens’ Movement, Art Historian

Membro do Movimento, Historiadora de arte.

Margrét Tryggvadóttir,

Member of the Icelandic Parliament, publisher.

Membro do Parlamento Islandês, Editora

Karl Sigurðsson

Chairman of the City of Reykjavík, Best Party

Presidente da divisão de Ambiente e Transportes da Câmara de Reiquejavique

Kristinn Már Ársælsson

The Democracy Group Alda

Grupo Democratico ALDA

Gunnar Grímsson

Citizens Foundation

A Fundação da Cidadania

Dadi Ingolfsson

The Constitutional Society

A Sociedade Constitutional

Katrin Oddsdottir

Member of The Constitutional Council, Lawyer

Membro do concelho Costitucional, Advogada

Lýður Árnason

Member of The Constitutional Council, Physician, Movie Maker

Membro do concelho Costitucional, Médico, Realizador

Gudmundur Ásgeirsson

Icelandic Financial Reform Initiative

Iniciativa de Reforma Financeira Islandesa

Einar Mar Gudmundsson

Author, Poet

Autor, Poeta

Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Direction of IMMI, Member of Icelandic Parliament

Membro da Direção da IMMI e do Parlamento Islandês


Miguel Marques

Yolanda Rienderhoff

Editing Assistant

Tomara Sok


 Pedro Bruno Carreira


Audio Mix


Images of the Revolution

Ingolfur Juliusson

Image Processing

Hugo Barbosa

Translation to Portuguese

Alexandra Monteiro

Raquel Martins

Rui Pena


Miguel Marques

Rui santos

Thanks to 

in Iceland

Andrea J. Ólafsdóttir

Bjarni Gudbjornsson

Guðmundur Ragnar Guðmundsson

Heida Helgadottir

Íris Ellenberger

Nikhil Nathan Kirsh

Sigfús Guðfinnsson

Smári McCarthy


in Portugal

Ana Afonso

Ana Farias

Ana Silva



Louise Baduel

Mariana Figueroa

Ólöf Guðbjörg Söebech

Sara Moreira

Ricardo Brito

This film wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of

Árni Daníel Júlíusson (ATTAC Iceland)

Bjorg Sigurdardottir

Cilla Ragnarsdóttir

Thorarinn Einarsson


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